MapReduce VS RDBMs

Now, the RDBMs – Rational Database Management Systems, is good for updating a small portion of a big database. RDBMs uses a traditional B-Tree, which is highly dependent on the time required to perform seek operations.

Compared to this, MapReduce is good for updating all, or a majority of a big database. MapReduce uses sort and merge to rebuild the database which depends more on transfer operations.

RDBMs is good for applications that required the data sets if the database to be very frequently updated such as in point queries or small dataset updates. MapReduce is better for WORM, which is a write once and read many times based data applications.


Cloud Service Models

We are going to look into further details of the cloud service models.

First of all, look at this picture. At the bottom which is the infrastructure, the IaaS. And in here, virtual machines, server storage, network, is basically what is provides in the infrastructure. Above that is PaaS, where this is a platform as a service, and it includes database, web server and deployment tools. The next one on the top is SaaS and this is software as a Service. Here, CRM, email, games, virtual desktop and what is actually in the software application domain.


Cloud Introduction

At first, what does cloud computing do?

Well. It provides online data storage. It enables configuration and accessing of online applications. Apart from that, it provides a variety of software usage. And also it provides computing platform and computing infrastructure.

Now, that may not have lightened up what the meaning of cloud computing is, so here comes an example.